Monday, August 26, 2013

You know you're middle-aged when ...

1. At your class reunion the talk is about good old days, grand children and arthritis.

2. You read the papers and realised the most irresponsible guy in class in your rep.

3. The pub crawler you knew back in the 70s is now a 'bilal' (assistant imam) of your congregation.

4. Your rich friend who recently had multiple-bypass bought the most expensive and the flashiest car money can buy.

5. You say goodnite to your wife/hubby and she/he yawns.

6. You start complaining about magazines/newspapers using small typefaces.

7. You start thinking about buying a big bike.

8. You start ignoring notices and reminders from banks and summonses.

9. You always start your sentence with, "When I was a lot younger ..." Or "Back then ..."

10. Shop helpers start addressing you as "pak cik" (uncle).


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